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Pressure Regulator

Pressure Reducing Valve

Starting at $289

-1 1/2” – Call for price
-1 1/4” – Call for price
-1” – $319
-3/4” – $289
Add a new 3/4” main valve $59

  • Stabilizes the incoming city water pressure that fluctuates between 80 psi to highs of 140+ psi to a safe range for plumbing and appliances between 50 and 70 psi preventing premature part failure
  • A properly functioning pressure regulator is your first line of defense against premature pipe and or plumbing component failure which can potentially cost you thousands in damages
  • Whole house water filtration comes directly after the regulator so if you are having it installed then it’s a good time to have your regulator replaced at the same time
  • Keeping your pressure in check should be checked twice a year to guard against flooding
  • Effective life expectancy is between 8-15 years so if you can’t remember when it was replaced then it’s probably time to do so
  • Replacing your homes main valve shutoff with a high quality ball valve is recommended so you know it will work when you need it
Pressure Regulator Chula Vista