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Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Drinking Water Filter

Starting at $795

Single fixture R.O.

Includes installation kit

  • Having better than bottled water at your finger tips for drinking, cooking, and ice is not only healthy but it definitely makes everything taste better
  • Filters should be replaced every 6 months if no whole house carbon filtration is installed and every 12 months if there is
  • Having ultra clean water to make coffee and to cook with makes everything taste better and free of undesirable contaminates
  • Alkaline stage will increase alkalinity to between 9.0 and 9.5
  • Hot and cold system for making baby bottles, hot tea and coffee, or near boiling water for cooking
  • No more buying, loading in the car, carrying it, and then having to depose of plastic water bottles ever again 
  • Installation kit includes faucet, storage tank, drain saddle, JG shutoff, and a leak detector with automatic water shut off
  • 5 year parts warranty and 1 year labor warranty
  • Filter replacement sets are available 
  • Custom filter stages are available 
Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Drinking Water Filter